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“Almost no one believes that women shouldn’t be in the military. At both the Democratic and Republican Presidential debates, the candidates were jumping all over each other saying how women are smart and capable and just as good as men in every possible way and anyone who says different is an ignorant sexist pig.” Conrad 

We’ve all seen it. If anyone knows it’s the parents!

Boys and girls are different from the inside out in many different ways.

Of course, we know this because little boys are made of “slugs and snails and puppy dog tails” while girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

I know we all have examples of this. But, let me give you an example from my own life.

My 10 year old son, Jay, is friends with three girls. Two of the three met at our yearly 4th of July Party. So, I set up a swim day especially to get the girls together.

While enjoying the sun they noticed they were swimming and so was a moth.

The girls happily and kindly played with the moth.

But, Jay, being the voice of inevitability, told the girls the moth was going to die.

They kept playing.

Sure enough. The moth lost a wing and the voice of inevitability spoke again.

“Do you want the moth to die from a slow painful death or a quick painless one?”

The girls were going back and forth on which was the preferred option and Jay decided they were taking too long. So, he decided to give the moth, and the girls, mercy. He squished the moth

The girls cried.

Jay was a little disgusted and said, “Seriously. You did this when you kept playing with the moth.”

Well, next we had to have a burial. But to bury him he needed a name. So they each decided to pick one.

Ashley picked the first name, Twitchy. Moriah chose the last name, Cutie Petootie. Jay picked the middle name, Carl.

They had a funeral by belting out Amazing Grace on the back patio.

The world wants us to believe that the differences between boys and girls are more a result of culture and tradition than they are of God’s genetic design.

Personally, call me a sexist pig.


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