Aug 262014

Sometimes we all take a minute and dream about a simpler life, a slower paced life, life without so many things to do. There are times that the thought of getting out of the fast lane and trading in our automobile for a horse and buggy seems like a sweet dream come true.

Well, we forget who would feed and care for the horse and keep the buggy in good repair. And, we forget who would be trying to control the horse and drive the buggy. You!

We forget that automobiles need gasoline, oil, tire rotations, and regular tune ups just like when we dream of the “good old days” we don’t remember the horse had to have his hooves trimmed, vet visits, to be fed, and his stalls cleaned out on a regular basis.

Another thing we easily overlook is that when the weather is really cold and rainy the buggy might need a little extra push to get it going strong again.

This is like our homeschools. Regardless of whether we drive a compact car, or a bus, they require upkeep to keep them running well.

Homeschools need tune ups. Mom needs to revaluate every so often what things work and what need to be revamped or discarded.

Schedules, and chore assignments need regular tweaking and adjusting to keep them fresh and working well.

Chore assignments work best when they are well thought out considering children’s ages, and abilities. These are your maps. When you plan a drive or a road trip, your maps prove themselves. When you homeschool schedules and chore assignments will prove themselves.

Another time we might need a little extra “umph” to get our buggy, automobile, or homeschool going again is after we have taken time off. Maybe it was summer break, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, family vacation, or family visiting you.

Finally, another consideration when you are feeling bogged down is to think about your own attitude. If you think your life is drudgery your children will too. If you keep your perspective looking at what you have as a blessing instead of a burden your children will too.

Really, what else can you do with your life that will earn you more eternal heavenly rewards than raising His children?

Just like an automobile needs just the right amount of oil and gasoline your children need the correct amount of rest, food, playtime, and Bible Study to be in prime condition so they learn most easily.

Your time with the Lord, sitting at the feet of Jesus every day, is how you keep your tank full. Never let it run dry or your horse power will require a major overhaul – whether it is animal or machine.

No matter what you are running: a sports car, sedan, family van, or buggy, these are the things required to keep it all running smoothly.

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